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How To Wipe Your Credit Report Clean – 3 Basic Steps

Why would you wish to wipe your credit file clean? With a bad credit score, applying even for a cellular phone deal is usually a nightmare. Cellular phone carriers will first off take a look at your credit history before approving your application. With a negative credit rating, no cell phone provider will ever consider approving your application. Now, if bad credit ratings can get in the way of obtaining a cellular phone long term contract, imagine its effects on let’s say a mortgage application. Negative credit score makes certain zero success rate on loan applications. Say goodbye to any chances of obtaining a mortgage with a negative credit history.


How To Improve Credit Score

Benefits Of Having A Clean Credit history

Thankfully, there is a approach you can fight this delicate situation. It will take some commitment, but the final result is well worth the effort. Before diving into the three basic techniques you can use to wipe your credit history slate clean, a warning is perhaps necessary. Credit card history cannot be cleared overnight. All those agencies boasting that they can make your credit problems disappear overnight are probably a scam. Be aware while dealing with them. It takes perseverance, resilience and a bit of patience to clean your credit card history.

Here are the simple ways one should follow to be able to clear any smudges on their credit card history.

Three Simple Steps Of Wiping Your Credit Report Clean

Step One: Use The Low-Limit Credit Card Strategy

Get hold of a low limit credit card, even if you do not need it. Make small charges on it every month. Do not get over thrilled here; simply make small charges you can pay off without difficulty once the bill comes. The idea here is to make payments when they’re due, at all times. Your creditor will forward your payments report to a consumer reporting agency. If you satisfy your creditors responsibilities, this will go into your credit card history. Essentially it will bury all the negative history leaving you with a sparkling clean credit profile.

Step Two: Ensure that Any Credit Repayments Are Processed To A Consumer Reporting Company

This is yet another method to clear your credit ranking. If you do manage to acquire a bank loan, adhere to the repayment plan. Never miss a date. As you continue paying up on your loan, make sure the creditor reports back to one of the top consumer reporting companies on your progress. This will wash up any smudges on your credit standing.

Step Three: Challenge Erroneous Information On Your Credit standing

If you dispute any item featured on your history of credit, write to the consumer in question as well as the creditor who forwarded the questioned items. The letter should be accompanied by records supporting your position. The law requires them to examine into such claims. If you are right, the item is removed from your history, essentially clearing up your credit rating status.

How To Wipe Your Credit Clean

These are straightforward do-it-yourself ways to wipe your credit report clean without involving a third party.